About me:

As a full-stack JS/TS developer, I am constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow in my field. I am highly proficient with search engines and can quickly find solutions to technical challenges. I am also a fan of VS Code🌌 and have a love for dogs🐶. I am confident in my ability to adapt to new technologies and find creative solutions to complex problems.




Online courses: Stepik (Python, SQL), freeCodeCamp (HTML, CSS, JS), KodeKloud (docker), CS Centre, Yandex backend school, Algorithms course

Intensives: ШИФТ by CFT, Comptech

University: NSU (incomplete bachelor's degree; courses in calculus, physics, C programming, discrete math, relational DBs, unix OS, computer networks)


📍 Batumi, Georgia


🌍 t.me/ilmpc

📩 mark@ilmpc.xyz

🖥️ github.com/ilmpc

💰 ilmpc.xyz

Code sample: React, Rainbowkit, wagmi

Dana: “He’s a solid choice”

Dana: “He’s a solid choice”

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